2016-17 University of Calgary Teaching and Learning Grants

Practice Grants 

Investigators: Linda Duffett-Leger, Zahra Shajani, Diana Snell
Project title:  Impact of Using Remote Versus Classroom Facilitated Unfolding Case Scenario Simulation on
Undergraduate Student Satisfaction, Self-Confidence in Learning and Knowledge Acquisition

Investigators:  Brenda Juby, Andrew Estefan 
Project title:  Exploring Strengths-Based Pedagogy in Nursing Education

Investigators:  Christine Walsh, Liza Lorenzetti, Gina Dimitropoulos, William Pelech, David Nicholas, Jessica Ayala, Alyona Belikova, Saleema Salim
Project title:  Framework to Strengthen Social Work Research: Research Practica

Investigators:  Carolyn Wolsey, Diana White, Carnelle Symes, Christine MacDonald
Project title:  Qatar nursing students' perceptions of effective clinical instruction

Lesson Study Grants 

Investigators:  Jennifer Krahn, Peggy Hedges, Joan Bassett, Norm Althouse, Rita Egizii
Project title:  How to effectively introduce an innovative co-curricular tool to year one business students

Investigators:  Justine Wheeler, Norm Althouse, Peggy Hedges
Project title:  Foundation Business Information Literacy Skills: SGMA 217

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grants

Investigator:  Kara Sealock
Project title:  Student Voices: Learning from Experiences of Students Writing NCLEX-RN to Inform Nursing
Pedagogy at the University of Calgary and Beyond

Investigator:  Asmaa Shehata
Project title:  Integrating pronunciation into Arabic classrooms

Investigator: Bingrui (Cindy) Sun  
Project title:  Advancing Student Learning and Engagement through Midterm Corrections

Investigators:  Beth Archer-Kuhn, Yeonjung Lee
Project title:  Exploring Inquiry-Based Learning in Social Work Education on an International Level

Investigators:  Laleh Behjat, Beaumie Kim, Marjan Eggermont, Emily Ann Marasco
Project title:  Engineers as creative designers: Learning by designing and playing games in Engineering Education

Investigators:  Subrata Bhowmik, Anuradha Sengupta, Anita Chaudhuri, Gregory Tweedie, Marcia Kim
Project title:  An investigation of the cultural factors affecting L2 writing: Student perceptions in the EAP classroom

Investigators:  Wei Cai, Shu-ning Sciban
Project title:  Enhancing learner autonomy with technology: Integrating flip teaching with microlectures in Chinese language classrooms

Investigators:  Megan Delehanty, Jeremy Fanti, Richard Zach
Project title:  Diversifying our Syllabi

Investigators:  Gina Dimitropoulous, Jessica Ayala, Grace Elliott, Anne-Marie McLaughlin, Lorraine Letkemann, Carrie Blaug, Myra Baynton, Angela Judge-Stasiak, Amy Fulton
Project title:  Optimizing student preparation for Field Placement: An evaluation of role-play lessons for Foundation Master of Social Work Students

Investigators:  Glenn Dolphin, Brandon Karchewski, Jennifer Cuthbertson, Alex Dutchak
Project title:  Virtual Field Trips for Undergraduate Geoscience

Investigators:  Darlene Donszelmann, Emma Read, Katherine Wynne-Edwards, Cindy Adams
Project title:  Comparison, evaluation, and exploration of stress and anxiety experienced by second year
veterinary students in Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) relative to that experienced in the previous year

Investigators:  Yahya El-Lahib, Samantha Wehbi
Project title:  Art in the Social Work Classroom: Learning and Teaching Outcomes for Students & Educators

Investigators:  Itode Vivian Ewa, Rachel Defina
Project title:  Competency based medical education in the long term care setting: Exploring residents' perspectives of learning in this environment

Investigators:  Sandra Goldsworthy, Carla Ferreira, Zahra Shajani, Diana Snell
Project title:  Can simulation be a signature pedagogy in nursing?: a maternal/child perspective

Investigators:  Zohra Hasnani-Samnani, Carolyn Wolsey, Jason Hickey, Kerry Wilbur
Project title:  Course based interprofessional activities: Do they enhance learning and improve interprofessional collaborative practices?

Investigators:  T. Lee-Ann Hawkins, Meghan Vlasschaert, Irene Ma, David Sam
Project title:  Is high-fidelity simulation an effective educational tool in obstetric medicine? Examining the potential impact of emotion and cognitive load on knowledge acquisition and physician performance

Investigators:  Jason Hickey, Sita Fox, Eiman Hassan Ahmed, Icra El Wadia, Suad Nur, Mona Saleem, Shamis Jama Shaheen
Project title:  Undergraduate research participation: benefits and mentorship strategies

Investigators:  Tammy Hnatyshyn, Twyla Ens, Andrew Estefan
Project title:  Teaching and learning safe medication administration in undergraduate nursing education: Identifying critical issues and fostering safe practice.

Investigators:  Daphne Kennedy, Jason Hickey, Justine Jewell-Macgregor, Behrokh Nikaiin
Project title:  Exploring Male Students' Experiences of Simulated Maternal-Child Clinical

Investigators:  Gregory Kline, Laura Hinz, Elizabeth Freiheit
Project title:  Are We Stressing Our Learners? Physiologic Impact of Internal Medicine Call Models on Residents

Investigators: Kim Koh, Olive Chapman  
Project title:  Developing Preservice Elementary Teachers' Mathematics Knowledge for Teaching, Assessment Literacy, and Conceptions of Assessment

Investigators:  Jennifer Lock, Alicia Baudais, Carol Johnson
Project title:  Designing for Success: Developing an Online Student Orientation Program

Investigators:  Diane Lorenzetti, Elizabeth Oddone Paolucci, Liza Lorenzetti, Tracey L.Clancy, Michele Jacobsen, Ann Calvert, Lorelli Nowell
Project title:  An exploration of peer mentorship in graduate education

Investigators:  Liza Lorenzetti, Rita Dhungel, Gina Dimitropoulos, Tatiana Oshchepkova, Diane Lorenzetti, Lemlem Halle
Project title:  A Critical Pedagogy Approach to Social Work Education: Supporting Transformational Learning

Investigators:  Darren E. Lund, Alycia Lauzon, Umashanie Reddy, Rae Ann Van Beers
Project title:  Enhancing Community-Engaged Teaching and Learning for Diversity: Analyzing the Service-Learning Program for Pre-Service Teachers

Investigators:  Maria Palacios-Mackay, Maitreyi Raman, Stephen Mintsioulus
Project title:  Improving the quality of GI referrals: A team-based Approach to Enhance Family Medicine Residency Training

Investigators:  Scott Radford, Sharaz Khan, Birgitte Grogaard, Liena Kano, Rong Zhao
Project title:  Navigating Learning Technologies in Management Education

Investigators:  Roxanne Ross, Asher Ghaffar, Virginia Tumasz, Leeanne Morrow, David Scott
Project title:  Engaging Students in the Academic Integrity Conversation: A Comparison of Two Theoretical Approaches

Investigators:  David Scott, Asher Ghaffar, Tricia Danyluk
Project title:  Evaluating the effectiveness of Collaborative Approaches to Academic Writing within Distance Online Learning Communities: A Case Study

Investigators:  Pratim Sengupta, Beaumie Kim, Marie-Claire Shanahan
Project title:  NIC-STEM: Narratives, Identity and Computing in STEM

Investigators:  Juliet Hoffart, William Kay
Project title:  Family Assessment in Qatar: Building Inter Professional Knowledge of Nursing and Medical Students within a Shared Simulated Learning Encounter

Investigators:  Lorraine Venturato, Heather Moquin, Cyndee Seneviratne, Doreen Wilson
Project title:  Exploring undergraduate nursing identities and perceptions of gerontology: Research on a designated education unit in continuing care

Investigators:  Justin Weinhardt, Thomas O’Neill, Aidan Fridman
Project title:  Well-Being in the U of C Student Body: Developing a Feedback-Based Intervention Program

Investigators:  Richard Zach, Nicole Wyatt, Aaron Thomas-Bolduc
Project title:  Logic Courses for the 21st century