After Hours

The atrium, the forum, and the gallery are venues to celebrate innovations, inquiry, and initiatives in teaching and learning. To honour the specific mandate of the building and the mission of the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, these spaces may be used for learning events in partnership with the broader community after 5pm and on weekends. To request rental of these spaces for after hours (including any events that extend into evenings and/or weekends), contact University of Calgary Conference and Event Management (CEM) at 403.220.3111 or

Organizers of these events are responsible for making their own arrangements with CEM for catering and audio-visual equipment and support, and—to avoid disrupting the teaching and learning activities scheduled within the Taylor Institute and the accompanying work by its staff—setup for after-hours events may begin no earlier than 5pm. 

Anyone using these spaces should first read the Principles and Policies for Taylor Institute Spaces.

Public spaces map and capacity

Public Spaces in the Taylor Institute

Space Capacity
Gallery 60
Atrium 300

Fixed seats: 356

Round tables and chairs: 132


To request rental of these spaces, contact University of Calgary Conference and Event Management.