2014-15 University of Calgary Teaching Grant recipients

Practice Grants

Investigator: Fabiola Aparicio-Ting
Project title: Assessing the effectiveness of collaborative group work in a first-year Health Sciences course
Investigators: Wei Cai, Shu-ning Sciban, X. Jie Yang
Project title: Developing a Courseware for Beginning- and Intermediate-Level Chinese Language Courses
Investigator: Rachael Crowder
Project title: Presence in the Academy: An Inquiry into Contemplative Pedagogy at the University of Calgary
Investigator: Julie Drolet
Project title: The development of new approaches to learning on the role of social work and sustainable social development: A teaching initiative

Investigator: Patrick Finn
Project title: The Digital Agora: Multiplatform Service Courses and Student Engagement

Investigator: Irene Ma
Project title: Evaluating the usability of augmented reality technology in simulation-based teaching of central venus catheterization
Investigators: Aritha van Herk, Jim Dewald
Project title: Creative Writing in Business
Investigator: Jason Wiens
Project title: Reading in the Canadian Archive

Experiential Learning, Practice Grants

Investigators: Sara Klimes, Darren Lund
Project title: Community-Engaged Learning - A Baseline Assessment
Investigator: Houston Peschl
Project title: Entrepreneurial Thinking: Creative a Unique Calgary Experience for Haskayne Students

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grants

Investigators: Isabelle Barrette-Ng, Carol Berenson
Project title: Using a flipped-classroom approach to foster understanding of the process of scientific inquiry in a large-enrolment biochemistry course
Investigators: Glenn Dolphin, Wendy Benoit
Project title: Developing historical case studies for teaching geoscience concepts
Investigators: Kim Koh, Jennifer Lock
Project title: Problem-based Learning: An Innovative Approach to Developing Preservice Teachers' Assessment Literacy
Investigators: Cynthia Mannion, Amanda O’Rae, Gayle Rutherford
Project title: The Scholarship of Constructing Multiple Choice Exams to Support Teaching and Learning
Investigators: Amanda Roze des Ordons, Jason Lord, Paul Boucher, Christopher Doig
Project title: Communication skills teaching in critical care medicine: Curriculum development and implementation
Investigator: Nathaly Verwaal
Project title: Improving Student Perception of CPSC 413
Investigators: Christine Walsh, Anna Azulai, Amy Fulton, Cari Gulbrandsen, Honmei Tong
Project title: Integrative Teaching Model for Gerontological Social Work: Teaching, Research and Practice
Investigators: Cameron Welsh, Sherry Weaver
Project title: Examining Student Learning Satisfaction and Institutional Variables that Impact BL Success

Experiential Learning, Individual Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grants

Investigators: Farnaz Sadeghpour
Project title: Experiential Learning in Construction Engineering and Management Education

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning for Collaborative Teams

Investigators: Tracey Clancy, Carla Ferreira, Patricia Rosenau, Jennifer Lock
Project title: Scholarship of Co-teaching Informing Professional Practice at the Undergraduate Level
Investigators: Marilynne Hebert, Tinu Ruparell, Laurie Pereles, Tom Rosenal, Graham McCaffrey, Roberta Jackson, Monica Kidd
Project title: Interdisciplinary Approach to Arts and Humanities in Health Professional Education
Investigators: Thomas O’Neill, Marjan Eggermont, William Rosehart, Robert Brennan, Ron Hugo
Project title: Building Teamwork and Communication Skills in Engineering Education

Experiential Learning, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning for Collaborative Teams

Investigators: Jessica Ayala, Julie Drolet, Jennifer Hewson, Grace Elliott, Myra Baynton, Lorraine Letkemann, Carrie Blaug
Project title: Fostering New Strategies for Student Learning in Field Education: From Crisis Management to Innovative Learning Solutions
Investigators: Mryka Hall-Beyer, Dianne Draper, Byron Miller, Kathy Rettie, Darren Sjogren, Aaron Willliams, Andrea Freeman
Project title: A framework for developing and evaluating project-based integration of human and physical geography modules in an off-campus fieldwork course
Investigators: Jennifer Lock, Laurie Hill, Luciano da Rosa dos Santos, Tennille Cooper, Noha Altowairiki Yang Liu, Carol Johnson, Amy Burns
Project title: Participatory Online Learning Environments for Undergraduate Field Experience: A Design Study