2015-16 University of Calgary Teaching Grant recipients

Practice Grants

Investigators: Melissa Boyce, Michael Boyes
Project title: "Psychology of Everyday Life (PSYC 203) Dual Credit and Student Engagement Pilot Project"

Investigators: Cheryl Jeffs, Judy Powell, Kathryn Ranjit 
Project title: "Advancing Teaching and Learning through a University of Calgary Open Access Journal"

Investigators: Alicia Ponton-Carss, Marcia Clark, Andrea Vallevand
Project title: "A Team Training Program for Surgical Residents Utilizing the TeamSTEPPS Curriculum"

Investigators: Emma Read, Darlene Donszelmann, Katherine Wynne-Edwards
Project title: "Use of Salivary Cortisol to Evaluate Stress of First Year Veterinary Students: a Pilot Study"

Investigators: Mary Gene Saudelli, Jasjit Sangha
Project title: "Engaged Learning across the Globe: Designing a Collaborative Transnational Course"

Investigators: Richard Zach, Nicole Wyatt
Project title: "Open Logic Project"

Experiential Learning Practice Grants

Investigator: Sandy Chang
Project title: "Engaging Diversity in the Green Economy"

Investigator: Darlene Donszelmann
Project title: "Do Simulated Cients Enrich Learning Experiences for Final Year Veterinary Students?"

Investigator: Lindsay Driedger-Murphy
Project title: "Experiential Teaching and Learning in Classics"

Investigator: Chris Hugenholtz
Project title: "Research-Driven Learning with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in Geography"

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grants

Investigator: Heather Addy, Kyla Flanagan
Project title: "Effect of Team-Based Learning on Student Learning and Engagement in BIOL 435"

Investigator: Susan Beatty
Project title: "An Investigation into Student Learning Behaviours in Informal Learning Spaces in the Taylor Family Digital Library"

Investigators: Suzette Cooke, Adam Cheng, Sarah Hall
Project title: "A Decade of Innovation: Evaluation of the Pediatric Inter-Disciplinary In-Patient Staff Simulation Education (PRISE) Program at the Alberta Children’s Hospital"

Investigators: Patti Dyjur, Lin Yu, Kevin Saito
Project title: "Micro-Credentialing in Professional Development in Higher Education"

Investigators: Nicole Fernandez, Catherine Wagg, Amy Warren
Project title: "Use of Cases for Teaching Veterinary Clinical Pathology: Student Perceptions and Outcomes"

Investigators: Anusha Kassan, Nancy Arthur
Project title: "How Are We Making a Difference Out There? Teaching and Learning about Social Justice through Practicum Education"

Investigator: Asmaa Shehata
Project title: "Acquisition of Novel Second Language Contrasts: Arabic Orthographic Information Effect"

Experiential Learning, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grants

Investigators: Amy Burns, Patricia Danyluk
Project title: "Impacts of a Non-Traditional Field Placement on Student Teacher Emergent Professionalism"

Investigator: Brittany Harker Martin
Project title: "Is Service Learning Socially Empowered? Measuring Effects of Curricular and Co-Curricular Services Learning on Undergrad Engagement"

Investigator: Vera Parlac
Project title: "Pursuing Innovative Design in an Interdisciplinary Research Studio"

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning for Collaborative Teams

Investigators: Heather Jamniczky, Kent Hecker, Olav Krigolson
Project title: "Use your Head! Quantifying Effectiveness of Just-in-Time Teaching in the Anatomical Sciences"

Investigators: Nikki Mountford, Hugh Evans, Sean Miles, Julia Subbotina, Michelle Verburg
Project title: "Effective Online Learning Environments for Executive Education Learners"

Investigators: Gale Parchoma, Marlon Simmons, Michele Jacobsen
Project title: "Examining Relationships Between Synchronous and Asynchronous Interactions in an Online Doctoral Research Course"

Investigators: Ellen Perrault, D’Arcy Norman, Carol Berenson, Jessica Ayala
Project title: "Moving a Face-to-Face Course Entirely Online: A Study of Design and Implementation"

Experiential Learning, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning for Collaborative Teams

Investigators: Janet de Groot, Amanda Roze des Ordons, Tom Rosenal, Lara Nixon
Project title: "Evaluation of a Faculty Development Program to Cultivate Capability and Capacity in Educating for Humanism and Professionalism"

Investigators: Irene Herremans, Jennifer Krahn
Project title: "Haskayne Mentorship Program: Identifying Extent of Achievement of the Program’s Objectives"