Learning Technologies and Applications


Desire2Learn (D2L) is the University of Calgary’s learning management system. Instructors can use D2L to share course content, contact students, collect assignments, start online discussions, manage student grades, set quizzes and surveys, and form groups. 

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Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform. Connect allows instructors to have real-time online sessions with students or colleagues, and allows them to share PowerPoint presentations or their screen with participants. Connect is compatible with mobile devices and can be integrated with D2L. 

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Top Hat

Classroom response systems facilitate interaction between the instructor and students. Top Hat is a web-based system that uses students’ mobile devices to collect responses in the classroom.

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Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter is used to create video lectures from PowerPoint slides. Instructors can capture slides, add narration and post the recorded presentation online for students to watch at any time.

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UCalgary Blogs

UCalgary Blogs is a collaborative publishing platform offered by the Taylor Institute for use by the University of Calgary community. Users can easily create their own blogs or websites and publish content.

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UCalgary ePortfolio

Developed by the Taylor Institute, the UCalgary ePortfolio platform allows instructors and students to easily create digital portfolios. In higher education, eportfolios are used to document and reflect on learning.

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UCalgary Badges

UCalgary Badges is a platform developed by the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning for issuing digital badges. The platform integrates with Mozilla’s Open Badges Backpack, and allows users to share their badges on social media. 

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