Starting Your Grants Project

Congratulations on your University of Calgary Teaching and Learning Grant!  

Once the adjudication is complete for all applications, successful applicants will receive an email with a Notice of Award and a Project Request Form to set up a project with Research Services. However, with that form, Research Services needs proof of your ethics certification, so your very first step should be applying for ethics certification.

I.  Apply for Ethics Certification

Grant recipients should immediately contact to find out if they’ll need to apply for ethics certification for working with human subjects. (Most Teaching and Learning Grants projects will need this certification.) Projects that do require this certification will need to complete it before submitting their materials to Research Services. (Research Services sets up project funding, so certification must be completed before funds are released.)  This process can take weeks, and any delay in this process will delay in a release of funds.  (The only exception is a possible “early release of funds” to hire an RA; otherwise, all funds are held until certification is completed.)

The University of Calgary Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board (CFREB) will help you through the process. Their site contains all of the information you need, but the Taylor Institute's online SoTL Guide also has a brief introduction and tutorial for the ethics process specifically for SoTL researchers.

You'll first need to create an account with IRISS and complete the CORE tutorial, both listed on the CFREB's website.  That page also offers helpful information on the process, starting with this document on the steps involved.  If you have any questions, please contact  

The Chair of the CFREB has generously offered to conduct a workshop for the new cohort of grant recipients:  ​Workshop on Applying for Ethics Certification -- with Chris Sears, Chair of the CFREB (June 15, 2016, 1:00 - 2:30, TI 250)


II.  Setting Up an Account with Research Services

Once any required ethics certification is completed, the University of Calgary Research Services Office will help recepients set up the project approvals and accounting for your budget.  The email from with your Notice of Award will explain how to prepare your materials for Research Services. To ensure that Research Services can set up projects in reasonable time, they ask recipients to include the following materials, which form the Project Request Package: 

  1. Project Request Form (sent by, completely filled out
  2. Notice of Award (sent by
  3. Copy of the approved version of grant application, including the budget and the signatures of consent
  4. Any required ethics certifications

Questions related to the preparation of these materials can be directed to Recipients will forward the Project Request Package to the attention of the Grants Assistant, Grants and Awards Division, in Research Services, MLT 3rd Floor. (See the Research Services web page for contact information.) Once the materials have been reviewed and approved by Research Services, it will be forwarded to Research Accounting, which will set up the project and assign a project number.