Teaching and Learning Grants Special Topics

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To support the broader work of the university and the varying initiatives to align university activities with larger goals and values, we encourage (but do not require) grant projects that support and advance the strategic initiatives below. 

Experiential Learning

A special topic track for experiential learning is available within any of the three structural streams. These projects will engage students in hands-on learning grounded in authentic learning in the field, followed by reflecting on their experiences in a way that will enable them to apply their knowledge in new settings. Examples include undergraduate research, student-led projects, clinical placements, co-op programs, practica, field trips, internships, and community-based learning.  See a sample experiential learning project.

Other Strategic Initiatives

We encourage potential applicants to read about the important campus initiatives below. If your application relates to any of these initiatives, please consider aligning your project with elements of the relevant strategy, and demonstrate that alignment in your application.  


For questions about the grants, please email tigrants@ucalgary.ca