Teaching Philosophies and Dossiers

What is a teaching philosophy?

Teaching philosophy statements communicate your beliefs about teaching and learning, why you hold these beliefs and how you put them into practice. Teaching philosophy statements are typically presented as a 1 to 2-page reflective document, written in the first person narrative.

What is a teaching dossier?

A teaching dossier documents the scope and quality of your teaching practice and presents an integrated summary of your teaching philosophies, approaches, accomplishments and effectiveness. Teaching dossiers are used in academic hiring processes, tenure and promotion processes, annual performance reviews and teaching awards programs. Dossiers are also an important opportunity for reflection, professional development, growth and improvement related to teaching and learning.

Support for teaching philosophies and dossiers

The Taylor Institute offers workshops for instructors and graduate students who are interested in preparing teaching philosophies and dossiers. 

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Resources for teaching philosophies and dossiers

The Taylor Institute has also developed a series of resources that outline the components of teaching philosophy statements and dossiers, and how to prepare them. The resources section also includes a collection of sample philosophy statements from past recipients of the University of Calgary Teaching Awards.

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