Writing, Presenting, & Publishing SoTL

Structured support and activities to move from a completed SoTL project to writing for publication or presentation. Opportunities include attending a workshop or mini-retreat, joining a SoTL Writing Group, and presenting at the University's annual conference.

SoTL Writing Mini-Retreats

Come to a half-day SoTL writing retreat at the Taylor Institute to get away from all distractions, focus on your SoTL writing, and enjoy drinks and snacks while you immerse yourself in writing. (Due to the need for accurate data collection for Taylor Institute programs, resources earmarked specifically for moving SoTL projects to publication, and limited seating, these sessions are reserved for those working on SoTL writing—i.e., writing up the results of a SoTL project.)

Register for upcoming retreats: Oct 20, Nov 18, Dec 14, Jan 19, Feb 24, March 24, April 25, May 24)

SoTL Writing Groups (Ongoing)

SoTL Writing Groups meet semi-regularly for support, feedback, and encouragement on their SoTL manuscript in progress. If you're interested in forming a SoTL writing group (approximately 4 to 7 members) and would like facilitation help, email Nancy Chick (nancy.chick@ucalgary.ca) with the name and a one-sentence summary of the SoTL project for each of the group members.

Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching

The University of Calgary's annual Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching provides an opportunity for scholars and practitioners from across the country to share research and best practices for the purpose of facilitating more successful learning experiences.  The conference includes a SoTL track to highlight the presentation of SoTL projects. Presenting a SoTL project at a conference is a good way to get preliminary peer review before you submit for publication.