1 Infinite Loop Rocks

Went to the WWDC2002 bash at the Apple campus in Cupertino last night. That is one AMAZING campus! I’d been there once before, but never made it into the inner quad. They have a BUILT IN stage, and the place looks like a park. Very cool.

If anyone from Apple ever comes across this… Wouldn’t mind an office with a view of the quad…

Bumped into Ted again last night. Great guy. Very smart, and understands a LOT of what’s going on. That’s going to be a great relationship.

Off to play Wolf…

WWDC2002 Continues

This is One Cool Conference. And, lotsa really interesting sessions, too. Just sat in on the first part of the Java Web Services session (room was packed, had to stand at the back). This stuff is going to be pervasive in the OS, both SOAP and XML-RPC. Great stuff.

But, more importantly, Return to Castle Wolfenstein is awesome! They have a 10-station gaming LAN here with RtCW on all, decked out, very cool… LOVE the sniper rifle with adjustable scope zoom (tied to scroll wheel…)

OK… going to finish installing iTunes 1.1.1, then back to RtCW.

Welcome to San Jose…

Getting ready to leave Calgary, the snow started falling, along with the temperature. Had to de-ice the plane prior to take-off.

Arrive in Seattle, and it’s dry but overcast. Not bad. Definitely warmer.

Arrive in San Jose and it’s like August in Calgary. Sunny, about 20C, just plain nice.

Cab driver tells us that there isn’t anything exciting to do in San Jose, but that doesn’t really bother me… Saw a bunch of freakin’ PALM TREES from the air. It’s nice out, sunny, and warm.

Top that off with the Cinco de Mayo celebration. Huge crowds of folks crammed into “downtown” San Jose. Live music, lotsa food. The roads into the conference center area were sealed to traffic, to the cab driver drops us about a kilometer from the hotel. We walk through the dense crowds of partiers, dragging our suitcases like a couple of lame tourists. Oh, well.

Get to the hotel. Damned nice hotel, the Fairmont San Jose. The room overlooks Cesar Chavez park, and I can see Adobe headquarters from here. Very cool.

Check the bags, try to check email (room has broadband, but it doesn’t seem to like us). Change into something a little more summerish, and head out to explore the area. Lots of interesting stuff right near the hotel – a few museums (Tech, Art, and Quilting – ok, might pass on the Quilting Museum). Wandered around the Cinco de Mayo celebration for a while, and found a place to grab a bite – Peggy Sue’s Diner. Not gut-wrenching food. Sat on the patio, which was nice…

Decided to head to the conference center and register for WWDC. This was easy, since we could follow the trail of Mac Geeks right to the Center. Met with King on the way, so he tagged along until we were registered. Lots of COOL free stuff for WWDC registrants (nice laptop bag, free software and CDs, t-shirt, chocolate CD with free download of InstallAnywhere, and an Orielly book…)

Went back to the room to drop off the loot, then headed out to find a nice bar/patio to hang out for a while. Ended up in the hotel lounge. Not bad, but full of damned Mac Geeks. Dragging their TiBooks around, surfing and stuff. Get a freaking life, folks.

Left the lounge after a beer and chat (settled for a Corona – does nobody carry Dos Equis around here?). Walked around downtown San Jose for a while – around the Theatre district, then back to the hotel/conference center area. Found an awesome pizzaria – Chicago Pizz’a – claims to be the best pizza in Santa Clara County. It was the best pizza I had in a LONG time.

Head back to the hotel so Mike can work on his paper. See on the news that there was some violence and conflict at the Cinco de Mayo festivities, right where we were. We didn’t see any of that, though. LOTS of security and police around.

Went through the loot, tried the CDs out. Cool stuff. Most of it I had already downloaded, but it’s nice to have atoms as well as bits. Reading through the WWDC brochures, and am very impressed by the quality and quantity of material. Nicely done, Apple! Mike is turning into a Convert after all…

That’s it for now. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Director’s Cut) is on…

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Nearly forgot! (the snow kinda threw me, I guess). Today’s Cinqo de Mayo, and there is a big-ass party waiting for us in San Jose. Downtown core is shut down this morning for a parade, even. Gonna miss that by a coupla hours, but should be one hell of a good time tonight…

…leavin’, on a jet plane

…and it couldn’t come at a better time. as i look out of my office window, it’s SNOWING again… it’s already +9C in San Jose. Going up to 18-20C today.

If I get to the airport extra early, will I get to NoCal any faster?

Ready to Rock and Roll

OK, so I probably won’t be rocking, but there might be a little rolling.

Everything’s set for the trip to WWDC. Got the new biz cards, airline eTix confirmed, hotel room waiting, WWDC eTicket confirmed. Good to go.

Had a minor snag when trying to get screenshots of ALOHA, but reverted to an older version and all was well. I’ll throw together a quick powerpoint on the flight to San Jose.

This is going to be a blast. I’ll be taking the digital camera, so should hopefully be posting pix live from WWDC (via airport, from the show floor…)


Perspective is a Good Thing

Had our ultrasound yesterday, and got to see Sprout for the first time. Very cool. The kid actually turned to look into the “camera” (I’m sure it was thinking something like ‘what the hell is all of that noise?’)

Had some embryology flashbacks – vertebrae, bones… Saw 10 fingers and toes. 2 arms. 2 legs. Just one head. That’s about the level of detail you can get out of these things, but it’s a good, solid start.

The tech said she knew the sex, but we didn’t want to know. (thanks a LOT, Dave… so much for denial…)

I guess this makes it official. It’s really happening. Very VERY cool.

And the most immediate effect of this, is that it puts the political crap that’s going on during my Day Job into perspective. It really doesn’t matter what some clowns think (or don’t think) or do (or don’t do). None of that stuff really matters.

It’s all about Sprout.