Content Packaging progress

I came up with a way to track navigation through hierarchies of content packages today. The goal of this method is to track position/path within a nested set of content packages, without modifying the content packages themselves. MVC… The content package becomes M, and my method becomes C. Now, to build a way to V the two…

I think it might be a nice way to abstract the packages, and provide some handy convenience methods to navigate through the packages, and track current status/position. I’ll know more when I can play around with the live webservice connection to the Our Roots repository. Should know more on Monday.

One thing I realized today while playing around with some ideas for this technique, is that I seem to have a weird hybridized design strategy. I caught myself doing a LOT of design work on PAPER. Initial diagramming of the relationships between the classes, right down to the first draft of the interface for my controller class. Very odd… Probably because it’s a more visceral approach, and easier to throw out a piece of paper than to delete a file (you trash paper, you save and even back up files…). Interesting. And I thought I was pretty paperless at this kind of thing. Far from it, actually. Kill the trees!

Kootenay Park Lodge…

Pictures online here.

Janice and I took a brief weekend trip to Kootenay Park Lodge. It’s about an hour past Banff on highway 93, in Kootenay National Park. Beautiful around there (although I prefer the more rugged “real mountain” look of the Bow Valley around Banff…).

Odd thing with the water there, though. The creeks on the west side of the Continental Divide all had a white chalky appearance, while the ones on the east side (even like 100m apart) are perfectly clear… Very odd. Took some pictures, and it really does look like milk.

Stayed in the Kootenay Park Lodge, which claims to be one of the few remaining CP Lodges (which would make it what, 100 years old? more? less?). It was ok… Old “rustic” cabins… Marginal food… But it was nice and quiet, and they accept pets. We’ll likely be back next summer with Sprout and the beasts.

Went down to Invermere while we waited for checkin at KPL. Nice lake. A little icky (full of sediment and stuff from the runoff that is still flooding the valley). It’s ok there, though. Some monster nice beach houses across from the Kinsmen Beach. Only 3 hour drive from Calgary, so I’m guessing a lot of oil folks have cabins there.

On the way back into Calgary today, we stopped at Johnson’s Canyon to do a little hiking. We were planning on hiking only to the Lower Falls, but we saw another pregnant chick hiking up to the Upper Falls, and Janice won’t be out done… Not competitive at ALL. It was a nice hike. Light sprinkle/shower for a bit which was great. Made it all the way to the Upper Falls and back, and got some great pictures too. Oddly enough, there were as many German tourists on the paths as Japanese… Usually it’s like 10-1 for the Japanese. Odd coincidence, or indicator of something else? Hmmmm… Oh, and they were all rather ignorant on the paths. Most refused to walk single file (on very narrow paths) to allow others to get by. One Japanese woman crashed right into me rather than move over into single file. Yeesh.

Actually filled the tiny 8MB SmartMedia card in the camera… Definitely going to need a bigger card… Keep this one as a backup.

Generic XML document displayer (DOM is Good)

I got an updated version of a generic XML document displayer working in WebObjects this morning. Takes an XML document (source as a String) and parses it into a DOM Document.

Then, I have a recursive WOComponent that accepts a Node (say, the root node of the Document, perhaps?) and displays all Elements and Attributes in the hierarchy starting at that Node.

Works pretty well, and is reasonably fast. Once the classes are “warmed up”, parsing a big document takes 50-100ms, with more time for display. Not too bad, but there’s probably lots of room for improvement.

I need to figure out how to really ignore white space. I have set the factory to setIgnoresWhiteSpace(true), but that doesn’t seem to work for some reason… I still get the padded lines and spaces/tabs between nested elements. I’ll look into that a little more… I think it has something to do with not being able to locate a DTD/schema for the document…

Tuscany Club Groundbreaking Ceremony

Well, no stopping it now…

We had the official groundbreaking ceremony today. Ceremonial shovels and hardhats, to boot! Even got/had to keep the shovel… Might wind up on eBay. or not.

It’s going to be cool watching this thing be built, and knowing that I had a part in it happening. Sure, if it wasn’t me, someone else would have done it, but in the end it was just Leo and me on the loan agreement…

Oh, and the catering was great! Note to self: Savoir Faire rocks at catering.