bbum’s blog-o-mat: WebObjects Pub Night @ WWDC 2005

Perfect! The WWDC Blogger’s gathering and WebObjects Pub Night overlap, at the same place! Yay, synergy!

bbum’s blog-o-mat: WebObjects Pub Night @ WWDC 2005

I guess that means I’ll be able to hit both events!

Update: – well, the registration for the blogger’s gathering is closed (it’s a catered event, and they needed payment etc…), and the WO gathering has moved to the Chieftain Irish Pub. Looks like I may wind up at the Chieftain, or take the evening to stroll SoMA (or head to the waterfront?).

BSG Season 2 Is Coming!

Battlestar Galactica Season 2 is coming, and much sooner than I was thinking! It looks like it’s starting July 15 in the States! This is going to be good…

Season 1 was probably the best scifi ever made (it’s definitely the best TV scifi, and probably in the top 10 best scifi of all time – movies and TV!)

When Was Your Blog-Ha Moment?

Alan’s talking about his Blog-Ha Moment – when blogging “clicked” for him, and suddenly became part of what he did every day.

For me, I started dabbling with blogging after the dot-com eLearning company I was working for self destructed at The End of The Internet Bubble, in March 2001. I needed something to distract my mind from litigation, corporate cornholing, and other business-related evilness.

So I started poking around with Blosxom. I wanted to pick up a bit of Perl, and wanted to start a journal. Yes, my first blog was a lame-assed “it sure is hot today” personal journal. There’s a reason why the online archives of my blog don’t go back to the beginning… actually, I remembered this wrong… I started with MacJournal, in an offline journal, while poking around with the source for Blosxom to see what good Perl code looked like. The two things didn’t meet for a few months…

For the first few months, I was just toying around, and writing a bit. The first incarnation was hosted on the machine I was using for consulting (the birth of CAREO) – a spanky new Powerbook G4 400 – and the blog was hosted as static files on my .Mac account (gasp! no comments!)

Sometime after I started working full time at the Learning Commons, I bit the bullet and migrated my blog to MovableType, hosted on the LC”s webserver. This went on for about a year, when I switched back to Blosxom. Then to WordPress.

My Blog-Ha moment was likely the same one as Alan’s – the What’s the Fuss About RSS? presentation/performance-art doowackie I did with Alan and Brian in July 2003 (the first Three Amigos Joint) pushed it over the edge for me. Blogging was now a powerful tool for forming strong professional (and personal) relationships – which have lasted to this day.

Once I realized that blogging was more than just me documenting banality – it was a way to communicate and collaborate etc… – blogging switched into an indispensable part of what I do.

Update: I just realized – I didn’t start blogging with Blosxom. I started offline, in MacJournal (which is a pretty cool journal app). It was only after a few months of offline journalling that I started migrating to online stuff.

I just took a quick look through my archives, and it’s kind of funny to see the posts-per-month increase rather dramatically in the spring of 2003, building up to the Fuss about RSS presentation, and just keeping on going after that…

XCode WebObjects CodeSense Script

Someone on the WebObjects-Dev list, known only as “LD” just posted a tip about getting CodeSense completion working in XCode2 for WebObjects code. I took his tip and wrote an easy-peasy shell script that got the job done on my 2 machines.

If you need to enable CodeSense completion for WO, just grab a copy of this script, and run it in Terminal.

$ ./xcode_webobjects_codesense

You may first need to chmod +x xcode_webobjects_codesense first, to get it executable, but that’s about all.

Thanks to LD for the detailed description!

Updated PlanetADCE

I just took a few minutes to tweak the UI of Planet ADCE, to better match the rest of the ADCE blog layout.

I also hacked in a simple ADCE blog search, using Google. And I added links to the public blogs, so you don’t have to go rooting around for them. I’m toying with the idea of exposing a combined RSS feed, but haven’t gotten around to that yet.

If there’s anyone at Apple reading this, I’d be more than happy to ship what I’ve got so it can live on the edcommunity server…

Planet ADCE: Latest Posts on Apple Digital Campus Exchange Weblogs

I’m trying a bit of an experiment here… I just installed a (slightly hacked/cleaned-up) copy of Feed on Feeds to aggregate all of the Apple Digital Campus Exchange weblogs via their exposed RSS feeds. I’m hoping this gets replaced by a “real” solution hosted by Apple, but in the meantime…

Planet ADCE: Latest Posts on Apple Digital Campus Exchange Weblogs

It’s not pretty – I didn’t have time/energy to make it much better than the stock layout. And the order of the old posts is funky due to the way Feed on Feeds sucks in posts – they’re stamped with the cache date rather than the post date – so all existing posts got essentially the same cache date and they show up in unpredictable order. This will be sorted out with the new posts, which will be automatically cached every hour.

Automator Strikes Again!

Josh and I were working with a batch of resources this afternoon, and we had to rename them all to match a particular specification (by prepending each filename with a string).

We didn’t want to use the Finder to manually rename each file, so Josh was trying to remember enough shell scripting to get the job done, finally resorting to renaming them individually via Terminal in duplicated mv afilename prefix_afilename format.

Just for kicks, I fired up Automator to see how long it would take to work out a Workflow to do the same task. It took me 15 seconds. It would have taken maybe another 5 seconds to actually run the script (by selecting the files in Finder, and hitting “Run”). He wasn’t done for another few minutes (his primary machine, which was housing the files, was still running Panther. It’s been upgraded since :-) )

Workflows are so simple to whip up that I didn’t even bother to save it – quicker (and more fun) to create it from scratch next time than to find the saved workflow file… Educational Directory Update

I just did another update to the Educational Category, adding a handful of new feeds, and more importantly, adding a new “English as a Second/Foreign Language” category.

The new ESL/EFL category is being edited by Robert Diem (thanks, Robert!), which will definitely help keep the updates fresh.

This last round of updates hasn’t shown up on the directory yet, but they will be there the next time Adam’s OPML crawlers update their data (in a few hours?)

If anyone wants to take on the K-12 or Higher Ed. categories, please let me know. If not, that’s cool, too…

Podcasts in iTunes 4.9!

OK. The blogosphere is all breathless over this one. Steven P. announced at the D “conference” that the next version of iTunes will include a helping of podcasty goodness. (Engadget with the news, and Phil Torrone dishes the dirt).

There are rumours that only “podcast feeds” that have been vetted by Apple will be included (similar to the Radio section of the iTunes library, possibly including some paid/subscription content). If that’s the case, then iTunes Podcasting is essentially dead in the water.

The only sane way (i.e., the first thing that popped into my head, so of course it’s the “right” way…) to get the feeds would be to have iTunes use Safari 2.0′s “All RSS Feeds” Collection, and sniffing all (or a marked subset?) for enclosures. Perhaps each “RSS Feed” could have a setting like “automatically suck down podcasts via iTunes” or something creative.

If they want to provide a directory in iTunes to get newbies started, that’s cool (and all of the podcasting clients do it currently – it’s a good idea). But, the feeds must be controllable/configurable by the user. My feeds are likely not Apple’s feeds.

The last thing we need is a duplication of the restricted “broadcast media” format, where only the highest part of the long tail gets heard. Podcasting (and individually managed subscriptions) lets the rest of the crowd be heard, no matter how small their audience. Broadcasting by BigCo™ is replaced by nanocasting by/to individuals.

Also, having to vet a “Podcast Feed” through Apple to get listed will prevent ad-hoc podcasting. The person that occasionally includes an enclosure (ahem) but is otherwise not a “Podcaster”. I totally fit into that category. My less-than-regular podcasts wouldn’t warrant my listing in a Podcast Directory (unless I was editing said directory ;-) ), but some poor misguided soul may still want to download any enclosures I send out there…

Quick Spotlight Tip

I’ve been trying to use Spotlight as my primary app launcher (after being a diehard user of Launchbar and then QuickSilver). One thing that annoyed me about Spotlight is that you have to enter your query, then cursor down to the “Top Hit” before hitting RETURN to launch it.

I just stumbled across this… If you enter your query, and after there are some results, just hold down the COMMAND key and the selection will toggle between “Show All” and “Top Hit” – so a quick “Command+Return” will launch the top hit quickly. This is likely documented somewhere, but I can’t remember the last time I RTFM for MacOSX… Ever?

Spotlight still sucks at acronym handling (like being able to enter “shpp” and have it figure out that I mean “Sharing Preference Pane” rather than having to type “Sharing P” before it triggers). Both Launchbar and QuickSilver handle acronyms amazingly well.