Using WordPress as a CMS

This article is currently on the WordPress admin dashboard, so people who obsessively check their WordPress admin page will have seen it already. But, it’s worth pointing to the article again as it outlines some things to consider when using WordPress as a CMS. I’m still a pretty hardcore Drupal guy – I use it for dozens of website projects, and it’s the Officially Supported Web Content Management System on campus (YAY!) – but there’s just something so nice, clean, and elegant about the WordPress UI.

And since we’re at a point now where the exact technology chosen really Does Not Matter Anymore (you can get pretty much any web software to do pretty much anything with proper prodding and understanding – and they pretty much all now properly grok RSS and tags, so it’s easy to reuse and republish what you get out there in multiple other formats and locations), it’s good to keep an open mind. Especially when getting ready to start rolling out a campus blogging system based on WPMU

Update: almost forgot. I probably should have linked to the resource website I put together with the Amazing Reverend Jim for our Out of Print session at Open Education 2007… There are a LOT of cool things you can do with WordPress, even if ignoring the blogging functionality entirely…

And I would have used a photo of me in my awesome WordPress hoodie, ala Jim Groom and/or Alan Levine, but alas mine never showed up. sniff I’ll just have to use the photo of me in my red WordPress shirt, taken by The Reverend Jim Himself at Open Ed 2007.

wordpress shaka

fracking ipod

oh, COME ON! almost 4 hours to sync my iPod Touch with iTunes this evening. It finally finishes, and I go to run the WordPress app. BOOM. Hard crash. And now it won’t boot. FRACK. Now I’m going to have to do the hard reset again. I’ll let it chew overnight. REALLY unimpressed by the iPod Touch 2.0 software. Who do I send the bill to for the accumulated 8 hours of debugging this fracking thing?

flickr interestingness

flickr’s interestingness ranking has always been fickle and unpredictable, but I just took a look at a bunch of the photos in the current “7 days” interestingness section, and it’s just confusing how some of the photos get in there. I suppose networking and gaming has a lot to do with it, but they seem so formulaic. Step 1: get a cute girl (or, if you happen to be one, shoot yourself). 2: pose seductively. or oddly. whatever. as long as leg and/or cleavage is visible. 3: tag the hell out of the photo. 4: profit.

if interestingness somehow indicated the real “interesting-ness” of a photo, in terms of quality of composition, aesthetics, or anything other than “gollllly, that’s a purty pic-ture!” it would be, well, interesting… but it’s really not.


wordpress shaka

I was at Good Earth this morning, grabbing my usual High Test Light Roast with Pumpkin Spice Muffin, when one of the great barristas asked me about my WordPress shirt. “What’s WordPress?” she asks. Before I can even begin to respond, the other barrista jumps in “oh! it’s a cool blogging site!” and she goes on to elaborate. I wind up mentioning and (which they’d both heard of? really?). It was a pleasant surprise that people were aware of some of the things out there. I guess I need to give some more loving…

Done. Backing up.

My iPod is finally and properly restored. It’s been synched and backed up, and now I’m running Time Machine to backup my laptop as well. It had been a couple of months since I’d been able to run a full backup of the laptop – far too long, considering the number of photographs that had no backup copies. I brought the Lacie Big Drive Extreme home on the bike today so I could do the backup. Looks like it survived the ride while stuffed in my panier…

Almost done…

Oy. Almost done. I think I have most of my apps, but lost much of the app-specific data. I’ll sync again when it’s done so I have a more current backup. Hopefully my contacts and calendars didn’t get cracked up with all of this crap…

sorry, Apple, but the iPod Touch 2.0 software is just the flakiest piece of shyte I’ve used in a long time. crashy. laggy. unresponsive. I’ve spent the last 3 hours restoring my iPod, and it’s still not anywhere near where it was before things went south. Piece. Of. Shyte. Not cool.