lazyweb: macbook or macbook pro for aperture use?

I mean, of course, if money is no object, get the most pimp-daddiest MacBook Pro with gills of RAM and stuff. But… Will the new solid aluminum case MacBooks do the trick? (and, yeah, if money truly was no object, I KNOW I’d rather get a fully maxed out Mac Pro with dual 30″ displays and terabytes of storage…)

I need to replace my antique home system, and need something that can run Aperture well (not necessarily pro speed, but well enough that I don’t want to throw the fracking thing across the room while waiting for it to catch up…). I’d initially planned on getting a 20″ iMac, but think it’ll be better to maintain mobility.

So… Will the new MacBook do the job for running Aperture (and other stuff). Just day-to-day use, and daily workouts in Aperture. Is the MacBook Pro really worth the roughly extra $1000$600 for a little more screen real estate and a real video card?


5000km in 2008

I didn’t really have a distance target for bike riding this year. I did 3160km in 2007, and thought I might be able to hit 3500km without much trouble. But this summer, I realized that at the pace I was keeping, there was a chance to hit 4500km or even 5000km by the end of 2008. I kept riding, and almost fanned on it due to weather and vacation. But I got back on the bike for a ride along the Bow River this morning, rolling the odometer over 5000km. It was a really great day for a ride. There was a lot of snow and ice, but the path along the river is well groomed so the ride was pretty easy. It was only about -12˚C out, and I was dressed for much colder, so it was definitely fun. I wound up riding from Edworthy Park, along the path beside Memorial Drive, and past downtown to the Zoo before turning around. Not many other bikes out, but I wasn’t the only one…