11 thoughts on “How do you connect to people online? (the video)”

  1. Nice job D’Arcy, this is a great collection of stories from expert practitioners. It would be interesting to me to ask the same question to people of different backgrounds and situations – not that I don’t think they connect, just that I think you’d get an even more interesting set of responses.

    1. Thanks, Scott! I had so much awesome footage to work with, it was REALLY hard to whittle it down to 15 minutes – it could have easily blown into an epic documentary. I’m pretty unhappy with my clumsy editing, but didn’t want to fart away days tweaking the cuts until they were frame-perfect.

      and shhhhh… that sounds an awful lot like a potential thesis project…

  2. Connect is an interesting word. The technological associations bleeding into our descriptions of the social? Connect to or connect with? I waited in vain for the verb “listen”, but maybe I missed it.

  3. Thanks, it is interesting. I am working on these kinds of.practices. I appreciate this, it is thought-provoking. About as you say, pursuing it probably leads to work that is potentially of epic proportions!!!

  4. D’Arcy, thanks for this – it’s rare that I sit and watch a 15-minute video all the way through. The reason I did was because of the fantastic level of reflection from the participants. :-)

    1. Thanks. I was a bit concerned about making it too long – even at 15 minutes, it’s likely that many won’t sit through the whole thing.

      The depth of the contributions were just fantastic – and there were lots of clips that I just couldn’t fit in but would have made the video so much richer (but way too long).

  5. Did Jim get the West VA designation because of his immense beard? He’d definitely fit in well there, at least until he spoke.

    1. dangit. I blew it on that one. I think the location autocompleted in the iMovie effect and I just went with it. Oops. I may redo the video anyway to tweak the edit timing a little. I’ll fix that location while I’m in there.

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