open letter to a bus company

I sent this to Southland Transportation this morning, but all of the school bus operators are equally guilty.

I was nearly hit by a Southland school bus at around 8am this morning, as I was riding my bike on Varsity Drive. I was riding safely and legally in the lane, when bus #1002 passed me in the lane to my left, before swerving into my lane without signalling. The bus missed me by maybe 6 inches, and I was nearly pushed into the lane of parked cars on my right. I wish this was a rare occurrence, but it happens nearly every day (not the same bus). It seems as though school bus drivers either have no idea how big their buses actually are, or have no concern for the safety of others on the road. Please ensure that your drivers are properly briefed on safe driving procedures, and that they are reminded NOT to kill bicycle riders through their incompetence or negligence. Thank you.


2009-11-24 - 5000km

I passed the 5000km mark for distance ridden since Jan 1, 2009 this morning as I rode through Scenic Acres before sunrise.

it was tricky to get this shot – a 30s long exposure – without a tripod. I used the rear rack of my bike, with a glove propping the camera into roughly estimated position. It’s hard to aim a 50mm lens accurately by guessing (I couldn’t see through the viewfinder because the saddle was in the way…)