bike succession

Now that I have a fancy schmancy bike to ride, my trusty old Kona has been relegated to a crappy weather bike. Which meant I rode it today. And I realized something.

Bike succession

I mean, I still love riding the Kona. But it feels strangely tall in comparison. And I feel like I’m sitting strangely forward over the front wheel. It’s a result of the different frame geometries, and handlebars, I hadn’t realized the difference that makes.

Riding my CAADX is just so fracking exhilarating. So much (more) fun. But I won’t be putting fenders on it, so I’ll be more than happy to ride the crappy-weather-capable Kona hybrid.

wherein I fail at the twitters

So, I experimented with consolidating my ephemeral media blog into my main blog last night. It went something like this:

Hundreds of tweets got autotweeted as part of the import process, in the span of about a minute. I flooded twitter, and made a general nuisance of myself. I am sooooo sorry for that.

My account got blocked from posting more tweets, so I couldn’t really do anything except watch it happen. Not fun.

holy crap did I screw up

apparently, leaving the twitter plugin enabled while importing posts is a BAD IDEA. I totally flooded twitter with a bajillion auto-tweets. And got banned by Twitter because I totally flooded Twitter with a bajillion auto-tweets. I suck.

I am soooooo sorry. I tried to stop it, but wasn’t able to disable the plugin before the tweets all got into the queue.

Screen Shot 2011 08 29 at 10 59 30 PM

further consolidation

I realized that it’s silly to run a separate ephemeral media blog. There are plugins that let you control what categories get shown on the front page of a wordpress site, as well as which categories get into the RSS feed. So I can post ephemeral media stuff right here on my “main” blog, without having to futz around with a separate blog, and without having to pollute the front page and RSS feed with stuff that almost nobody will want to see.

Ephemeral category

I’ve used the Advanced Category Excluder before, when I was experimenting with twitter-like “aside” posts here on the blog. It lets you “hide” specific categories from various parts of the site – front page, rss feed, category pages, search results, etc… Very handy stuff.

So, now I have an “Ephemeral Media” page, which shows all posts in the “ephemera” category. Since all posts get auto-tweeted, it replicates the functionality of a twitpic/yfrog/etc… service, but without the third-party-company stuff hanging over things.

Anyway. Now I’m down to one blog. My main blog. I’ll probably leave the other blogs up, at least for now. I may migrate the content from them (the photoblog and ephemeral media blog) into this one. Consolidation is good. Having control over where I post stuff is good. Not having to rely on third party services is good.

Running my site on Mediatemple, I get gobs of storage, and more bandwidth than I could ever use (touch wood). They’ve also rolled out a full content delivery network, to make it perform really well. With those tools already at my disposal, why would I rely on any third party service?