prompted by Stephen’s post, which was prompted by this post. Looks like I’m a little below the projected average

  • fabric packager – angel merchandising – taking big rolls of fabric, splitting it into smaller spools for distribution to craftsy fabric stores. gagging at the Giant Insects that came bundled in the fabrics…
  • housekeeping – heritage park – met a then-teenage Mrs. @dlnorman on the job.
  • midway operator – heritage park – gotta balance the ferris wheel, or it won’t spin. stop rocking the chairs!
  • science communicator – calgary science centre – also built interactive exhibits for some of the big summer shows (Dinomania, Backyard Monsters, Marine Monster Mania). HyperCard, FTW!
  • (undergrad student. BSc and BEd at UofC)
  • programmer / webmaster – Faculty of Nursing, University of Calgary – built a series of (award winning!) CD-ROMs for teaching nursing students about various psychomotor skills. helped to build some of the first for-credit online courses.
  • senior programmer – Discoverware, Inc. – built a good chunk of a rich media LMS, then the dot-com bubble asploded everything…
  • consultant – independent – various projects, including building a prototype learning object repository, video markup tool, and a learning objects based corporate LMS
  • software developer; eLearning consultant – Teaching & Learning Centre, University of Calgary – started out finishing the LOR prototype, then wound up working on Pachyderm and Mavericks, blogs, wikis, workshops, etc. etc…
  • IT partner – University of Calgary

Good times.