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I needed a way to display login form on the front page of a WPMU network if a person wasn't already logged in, and a bit of info about the user, a list of their sites, a link to create a new one, and a link to logout. I could have done it by hacking the theme's templates, but that locks you into a specific theme. With the shortcode, any theme can display this, on any page (or post, but why would you do that? whatever. it's your site...)


  1. userinfologinshortcode screenshot 1

    User login form, displayed if a person is not logged in yet.

  2. userinfologinshortcode screenshot 2

    User info, blogs list, create site, and logout link. Displayed if a person is already logged in.

Plugin History

  • First draft of the plugin. It's not parameterizable yet.


  • First draft of the plugin. It's not parameterizable yet.

2 thoughts on “User Info Login Shortcode”

  1. You seem to have some serious errors in version 0.1 of your plugin – In some places you chose to use WP-Functions which actually output their result instead of returning them to your string building process.

    Example: Line 122: Usage of e(…) instead of _(…).

    e(…) echoes out the found text token – _(…) is just returning it: @see

    As a result i do see the text “Edit your avatar” before the actual post content when using the shortcode. That happens several times in your code.

    Just wanted to let you know.

    greets from Salzburg, Austria!

    • johannes
    1. yikes! thanks, Johannes. It was working well when I first built the plugin, but it’s possible things have shifted since then. I’ll take a look when I get a chance.

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