Cory Doctorow's Novels on the iPod

Holy crap. I was just looking for something completely unrelated to this, but a random neuron got fired, and led me to this page, featuring 8 of Cory Doctorow's books in iPod Notes format.

That's too freaking cool! I've downloaded them, and will start reading through them (starting with Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom) during the daily commute...

UPDATE: Well, ok... that's kinda interesting. After the iPod loaded all 500-odd pages of Notes for the books I downloaded to it, I'm really seeing the limitations of the iPod for this kind of thing. I'll have to go in an rename some of the books so I can read the titles in the menu. And, after scrolling through the first 5 pages of Down and Out, I finally got the the end of the quotes, FAQ, and Creative Commons license... Doh. Might have to add a "Start the book already" link on page 1 of each book. Also, looks like there's no way to bookmark where you are... Or, to quickly get back to the menu without going back through all of the pages you've read. oy.


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