Heading to Sonoma to visit the Pachyderm

Getting ready to take off for the weekend, and on Monday we're heading down to Sonoma to have some Pachyderm development meetings. Should be a great week - the Pachyderm folks are all awesome to work with, and we've got a metric tonne of stuff to do.

We'll be heading through the city but won't have time to stay this time. It will be my first time over the Golden Gate Bridge (renting a car and driving from SFO to the hotel and from there to CDL for the meetings).

Map: SFO to Sonoma

I'll likely be rather quiet next week, but you never know...

UPDATE: Just loaded up the iPod with the directions to go from the airport to CDL (and back), and from CDL to the hotel (and back). Might add some more directions, so I can find my way to Point Reyes or some other excursion. Not sure how the iPod will fare as a navigator, but MapQuest gives some pretty decent directions...

Geeky? Yes. Paranoid? Absolutely. I tend to overplan for these things, in the hopes that most of the freaky things that always happen can be avoided or at least mitigated a bit. Actually, the only part I'm even remotely concerned about is that funky airport interchange at SFO. It would be extremely easy to get spun around in all of the on- and off-ramps all commingling there - then throw in the psycho cabbies... ;-)

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