Success with Subversion SCM in XCode

After getting Subversion running, I have to say how nice it is to work with. I'd missed versioning from my previous attempt with CVS - it's great to be able to diff against the latest version of a file, or to track changes in general. And FileMerge rocks for visual diff-ing of files.

It would be nice, though, if XCode didn't need to commit the .pbxuser file every time I open a project... (I know - ignore the update request, but it's sitting there with that little "M", silently nagging for an update...

I've now got the entire APOLLO codebase in there, and the beginning of the Pachyderm codebase as well. I REALLY like how specific and general you can get with file checkouts. I can get a single file, a single project, or an entire repository with one command. Sweet.

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