Pachyderm & APOLLO at Museums and the Web 2005

I received notification today that our Big Session of Pachyderm Fun is a go for Museums and the Web 2005 (Vancouver, April 13-16, 2005). Josh, Michelle, Tom and myself will be presenting a session called Architecting the Elephant: Software Architecture and User Interface Design for Pachyderm 2.0.

This will be the first public showing of the new Pachyderm 2.0 authoring tool, which is now pretty tightly integrated with the APOLLO frameworks.

The session is on Thursday, April 14, 2004, from 3:30-5:00pm. We share the slot with some other Pachyderm-related presentations as part of the "Introducing Pachyderm" session, so it should be interesting to anyone who has been following Pachyderm, APOLLO, or learning object authoring in general.

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