My dad just told me about Skype...

I just got an email from my dad telling me about this cool new audio tool he found for making phone calls on the computer for free. Skype, he says, sounds pretty cool.

My dad is turning 70 this year, and really enjoys tinkering with his iMac. He's got a (now aging) blueberry iMac, and it's tricked out with extra RAM and MacOSX 10.3.

And he's finding stuff like Skype.

So, I just added him to my contacts list, and we played around a bit. I called him on Skype Out, and he was pretty impressed. I'm even more impressed that he's able to find and use these things, and that he actually gets it. I hope I'm still doing new things when I'm 70... :-) (woah - just realized I'm just over half way there.. )

I told him about how we've been using Skype for the Pachyderm project, and he was impressed that it worked so well. He's planning to use it to keep in touch with my brother Kevin (in Manila), and some family in Vancouver. At 2 cents per minute, it's a heck of a deal...

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