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I'm sitting at Gate C25 at the Calgary Airport, waiting for the flight to San Francisco. Evan and Janice came to the airport as well, as a dry-run for our trip next week. Evan loved the airport. The hardest part will be reigning him in, since he wants to go exploring everything.

This was the fastest security checkin I've ever experienced. I planned on an hour to get through security, prior to boarding time. It took maybe 5 minutes, from customs declaration/eval to security clearance, to sitting at the gate typing this. The place was deserted. One other couple was passing through.

The conversation with the customs agent went something like:
Him: Why are you going to SF? Business or pleasure?
Me: Business. Conference.
Him: What kind of conference?
Me: Apple WWDC.
Him: Apple? So, you don't like VB, then?
Me: Um, no. I avoid Windows whenever I can. I only use it if forced, and then never for anything critical. Does that put me on a watch list?
Him: No (chuckles). I'll be getting rid of my PC as soon as I can. I want to get one of those mini macs, or those G5 flat ones with DVD-burners built in. Those are sweet.
Me: Yeah. Get a mac. :-)
Him: OK. You can go.

This was decidedly different from previous queries about macness, etc... Trends? Sure.

Oh, and King made it to the gate just as boarding was getting up to speed (I was starting to get seriously worried that he wasn't going to make it). I'm guessing his experience with customs wasn't so speedy :-)

Update: Just checked into the Marriott. Here's the view from my room:

Moscone West

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