Back in town - travel notes from WWDC2005 and Hawaii

The Norman family got back into town yesterday afternoon, after what felt like a 24-hour journey home. Checked out of the hotel at 10am Sunday, returned home 3pm Monday... It was sunny and warm in Honolulu, cold and shitty and rainy in Calgary. I want to go back... :-)

There's a whole bunch I want to blog about, including rants/raves about spending 2 weeks in Honolulu (and some tips for anyone else planning on doing the same).

We had a blast. Evan was surprisingly well behaved (sorta). And I got the shakes from not having an internet connection in the condo for 2 weeks (but there was a business centre in the lobby, which was well utilized).

In the meantime, I've put together a quick Flickr album on the Hawaii visit, as well as the previous week at WWDC2005.

Update: Here are the notes I put together on the timeline / tips from the trip. Thought I should paste it here before the file went missing from my desktop...

June 5 (Sunday)

  • Leave Calgary, Arrive San Francisco Sushi in Chinatown with King

June 6 (Monday)

  • WWDC 2005 Stevenote - Intel Insideâ„¢ Announcement
  • Find out about new WebObjects development licensing (YAY!)
  • Supper with Cole Camplese, Jason Ediger and friends

June 7 (Tuesday)

  • Find out about new WebObjects deployment licensing (CRAP!)
  • Supper with Scott Morris, Jason Ediger, and the folks

June 8 (Wednesday)

  • Have Pachyderm deployed as a single servlet .war package under Tomcat 3.x
  • Lunch with Peter Samis and the SFMOMA gang, Jason Ediger, Josh & King

June 9 (Thursday)

  • Apple Campus Bash, with The Wallflowers

June 10 (Friday)

  • Leave San Francisco, arrive Calgary

June 11 (Saturday)

  • Laundry. Repack.

June 12 (Sunday)

  • Relax. Get ready for trip. Sleep(?)

June 13 (Monday)

  • leave Calgary, arrive Honolulu
  • Check into condo at Ilikai
  • Visit Waikiki
  • Visit hotels around Ilikai - Hilton Hawaiian Village, etc...

June 14 (Tuesday)

  • Ala Moana Park Beach in the morning
  • Waikiki beach at Hilton Hawaiian Village in the afternoon

June 15 (Wednesday)

  • Take TheBUSâ„¢ to Waikiki with Josh - hit International Marketplace, Duke K. statue, etc...
  • Lunch with Josh back at the Ilikai @ Canoe's

June 16 (Thursday)

  • Pachyderm 2.0 Session @ NMC
  • Family takes NMC tour of Waikiki Aquarium
  • NMC luau at Kapliani Community College

June 17 (Friday)

  • Creative Action At a Distance Session @ NMC

June 18 (Saturday)

  • Lunch with family and Alan Levine at the Cheeseburger Factory
  • Head to Waikiki for the afternoon, wind up staying for Sunset at the Beach - a festival right on the beach, complete with feature movie on a big outdoor screen. Great sunset, too.

June 19 (Sunday)

  • Ala Moana Center, lunch at Ruby Tuesday.
  • Ala Moana Park Beach
  • Torch lighting ceremony @ Ilikai

June 20 (Monday)

  • Bus trip to Polynesian Cultural Center
  • Luau and ceremony

June 21 (Tuesday)

  • Honolulu Zoo (lame)

June 22 (Wednesday)

  • Janice and George take bus tour of Oahu

    • - Dole plantation
    • - North Shore beaches
  • D'Arcy and Evan take bus to zoo, then hike back, and hit Waikiki Beach for the morning.

June 23 (Thursday)

  • Bus trip to Hanauma Bay for snorkling

June 24 (Friday)

  • Hike up Diamondhead
  • Supper @ Canoe's
  • Fireworks

June 25 (Saturday)

  • Gay Pride parade
  • Walking along Waikiki area shops - Galleria aquarium store
  • Afternoon @ Ala Moana Park Beach
  • Torch lighting ceremony @ Ilikai, and musicians poolside
  • Supper @ Canoe's

June 26 (Sunday)

  • Sea Life Park
  • Leave Honolulu

June 27 (Monday)

  • Arrive Phoenix, then Calgary

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