Spam is getting personal (?)

I just got the most bizarre email spam. Obviously it was triggered by some Google query, as some key words that show up in my Google referrals were used repeatedly in the email.

hello, i have had numerous sites telling me that your site has the key to seing my house no matter what country i live in but on checking it out all i get is what pizza place do i want to know are you a pizza mad freak, you should stop giving people false hope as i do not want to know where i can get a pizza i already know, i just thought you offered a way of seeing what the gov can see and how far and intimate they can get as of my own living accom. so please dont advertise that you can do this when you clearly cant.
regards but firmly melanie

Um, Thanks? Sorry? Not really sure what kind of response Melanie was looking for, without providing a URL or anything...

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