iPodder.org Educational Directory is borked for now

DOH! A while back, I switched to using Dave Winer's OPML editor, and at about the same time (apparently - I hadn't noticed - it was just pointed out to me on the EdTechTalk brainstorming conference call) the Educational directory on iPodder.org went dark.

I had assumed that the OPML editor would create a file that iPodder.org could parse, and that the hosting provided by the OPML software would work. I'm not sure which fell over, but I'll revert to a manually edited, hand-published .opml file ASAP.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. I wasn't sure anyone was still using the iPodder.org directory, with so many others out there now (and iTunes kicking many of their collective asses).

Update: I've fixed the OPML file, and manually posted it to the Learning Commons webserver. It now validates, and should show up in the iPodder.org directory as soon as Adam (or one of his henchmen) can get around to it.

Update 2: Just figured out why the Educational directory borked. I'd set up an .htaccess file on the Learning Commons webserver to redirect requests for the old .opml file to the one on Dave Winer's OPML hosting server. Apparently, the iPodder.org directory software doesn't grok redirects, and marked Educational as "unreachable". That's just silly. I've nuked the .htaccess file, and it should just magically start to work again the next time iPodder.org tries to spider the opml files.

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