Homeless in the Learning Commons

Our office space is being renovated/downsized to make room for a new bioinformatics lab. All of the construction/cleanup/setup on our side of the floor was supposed to be done over the weekend, but it wasn't. And they've already started demolition of the area I was in last week. So... Until they finally get around to correctly setting up my area, I'm homeless at work. I'm poaching an ethernet line from a nearby cube today, with the iPod cranked waaay up to drown out the noise of movers and furniture-setter-uppers. If I didn't have stuff that I promised would be done today, I'd just write off the day as "downtime" and head home. No chance of working from home with Evan home (and awake).

So, in the meantime, my phone is being forwarded to /dev/null, and I'm not sure where I'll be working. My workshop tomorrow morning should be unaffected, but I need to put together an "Intro to Wiki" presentation for the first part of the workshop...

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