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I gave a presentation/workshop this morning introducing 20 folks to wiki. "Collaborative Publishing with Wiki". The session went really well, I think, and there have already been edits by some attendees on the U of C wiki (and perhaps on Wikipedia as well).

Here's an interactive Quicktime version of the presentation. I didn't record audio - I really need to record the full session. If you view it, imagine me talking about stuff, and making things really interesting and clear. It's another modified-Lessigian-style presentation, so no bullet points, and some of the slides may not make too much sense without me talking. If a slide looks odd, imagine something interesting or pithy, and click the mouse to go to the next one...

I borrowed an image from Alan (he got a better shot of the Wiki Wiki Shuttle than I did), and pulled a couple images from Flickr. I also took advantage of the Santa Claus Parade this weekend to illustrate solo vs. group efforts ;-)

You might need to right-click-save-target-as to download the movie - .mov files are being throttled at the U of C right now, so it's taking FOR EVER to load in my browser. Save the sucker to your desktop, and when it's (eventually) done, it'll be completely viewable.

Intro to wiki screengrab

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