WordPress/MySQL performance issues?

Since updating this blog to WP 2.0, the WP-Cache plugin has stopped working as it had been (i.e., it's not doing anything anymore), and the performance of either WordPress or MySQL has been incredibly sucktacular. It can take over 30 seconds to generate a page. Requests are occasionally timing out. This just ain't right.

I thought it might be a GoDaddy issue - they've had database performance issues in the past. But they assure me that everything is running fine. One of the downsides of using a hosting service is that I kinda have to take them at their word.

Next, I thought perhaps I am simply hitting the database too hard, with all of the plugins that I use adding up to 130+ queries to generate the main page of this blog. So, I temporarily disabled all database-related plugins, and switched themes to the stock Kubrick theme. No joy. Still takes (up to) 30 seconds to generate a page.

I turn everything back on, and there's no noticeable difference in page generation time. The frustrating thing is that the time to generate a page appears to vary wildly - from just over a second, to over 30 seconds. For the same page.

My gut's telling me it's a server load issue. The only stuff I have running on my account is WordPress 2.0 (I have a wiki, and PlanetADCE is still there for legacy purposes until I get around to dropping it - but neither of these gets any traffic).

Are there any performance issues with WordPress? Can I go back to GoDaddy and know for sure that they need to fix something?

Update: I just got an "answer" from GoDaddy Support. They suggest that I switch to use their Web Site Tonight product - apparently either a proprietary or private label "website templating application". Given that the "Premium" package for that product provides you with 20 pages to work with, I don't think this support person groks wtf a blog is. 20 pages would last me a couple of weeks. And the hosting package I have specifically includes PHP and MySQL servers, which is why I switched to GoDaddy in the first place. Now, they're trying to upsell me to a higher hosting tier rather than fixing their database performance? That just sucks. I've asked the support person to escalate the issue, because the only other viable option is to migrate to a different hosting provider.

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