Quick Photos from Around Campus

It started out as a simple photo collection mission. Shawn is in Hong Kong, and asked if I had any pictures of the "Goddess of Democracy" statue that was erected on campus in memory of the Tiananmen Square incident of 1989. I didn't have any photos handy, but wanted to take a couple.

It's weird how walking around campus with a camera in hand makes you see things slightly differently. I've been on campus since 1987 (with a short hiatus when I was working downtown), and never realized that much of the drabbery around here is really kind of interesting. It's not a beautiful campus like UBC or Stanford or anything, but it's interesting in its own pragmatic way.

So, here are a few shots taken around campus today, including a few of the Goddess herself.

I'm going to try to keep my camera handy more often, and to use it more than once a week. Not committing to the "A Photo a Day" thing, but more pics ain't bad. And I realize now that my blog is likely to get yanked from Google China for mentioning the "T word"

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