Web 2.0 Makes Me Cringe

I'm so sick and tired of people and companies slapping "Web 2.0" stickers on their websites/products/blogs/resumes to show how kewl and innovative they are. I saw a website for a design company that mentions "Web 2.0" a whopping 5 times on their home page alone, and once more in the title of the page. I get it. You're innovative. I should worship you.

Here's an idea. Just do cool stuff. Be innovative. Stop trying to brag your ass off by buzzwordifying everything. It's starting to come across like some kind of high school clique - jocks, preps, bangers, and the "Web 2.0" gang. If you're not in the Web 2.0 Gang, you suck. Whatever. I was an outcast then, and I'm happy to be one now.

Yes, I know "Web 2.0" is shorthand for a whole suite/syndrome of stuff, and it's faster to just say three syllables that are buzzword compliant than to have to explain innovation. And "Web 1.0" is a handy shorthand for the "old web". But, really, who do these shorthand terms help - other than "Web 2.0" consultants and design firms?

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