Managing Information

I've been struggling with how to best manage the constant flow of non-critical information that flows around me. RSS feeds. Email. Technorati references. Podcasts. The list goes on. I am going to try an experiment for a couple of weeks, prompted by a reinstall of the OS on my Powerbook.

Yesterday, before leaving the office, I fired up Software Update to grab the latest 10.4.6 update on both my desktop and 'book. Came in this morning to find the G5 ready to go, but the Powerbook was sitting with an "Installer failed" type of message. I rebooted both, but the 'book wouldn't come back. So, I nuked it and reinstalled after wiping the drive.

I'm taking this opportunity to rework how I do things. I'm leaving my RSS client Blogbridge over on the desktop machine. No RSS at home, or on the weekends. I think that will make it easier, since 99+% of the stuff that comes in via RSS really can wait until Monday AM, and it doesn't need to steal time from the family.

The Powerbook will have the Developer tools (XCode, Subversion, etc...) as well as email and iChat (and browsers, of course) but no RSS. I'll see how that goes.

Also, Blogbridge runs WAAAY faster on the quad G5 than on the aging Powerbook.

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