MacGuyver's Polarizing Filter

We headed to Sibbald Flats for some camp-related fun this weekend. I took the chance to experiment with a MacGuyver Polarizing Filter for my camera - holding my sunglasses in front of the lense. I was surprised at the difference it made! Here's the "after" shot - rollover for the "before" version to compare. Blues are bluer, etc. and yadda yadda.

Sibbald Flats with a polarizing filter

Not the best before/after comparison - I didn't use a tripod, and wasn't planning on making the comparison, so didn't line the shots up very carefully. Still, it's pretty easy to see the effect.

For both shots, my little point-and-shoot was in "Mountain" mode - locked at infinite focus - so there should have been no focus borkage when the sunglasses were popped in front of the camera lense. 

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