Vista 2.0

King's in SF for WWDC2006, and just posted a quick note about the shirt/bag combo. Looks like a really sweet black T-Shirt with "veni. vidi. codi" on the front. Very cool.

King also linked to someone's sneakypic of the banner on the second floor of Moscone West - someone must have neglected to cover it up with black fabric.

If I'm reading it properly (through a window girder), it says "Introducing Vista 2.0" with a closeup of the MacOSX 10.5 install DVD. That sounds like one hell of a warning shot. Wonder what's going to be announced tomorrow...

I basically talked my way out of going to WWDC this year. Between my rather hectic travel schedule in 2005, and wanting to stay close to home this year, and wanting to better share the limited travel resources of the Teaching & Learning Centre. I didn't think I'd really miss it this year, but damn. I'm jealous. This is going to be one hell of a show.

And, to top it off, Monday's a holiday here, so I'll be occupied in the yard building an arbor, rather than glued to the various news feeds coming out of Moscone West. Stupid holidays!

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