Provisionator on Drupal CVS

I've just moved the Provisionator module onto's CVS server. The current version of the module is far from complete, but it does function. Specifically, it does:

  • create database for new site
  • populate database with selected mysqldump template file
  • copy template site directory (with settings.php, files, modules, themes)
  • modify settings.php as needed
  • create symlink to expose Drupal via Apache for the new site (as a subdirectory of a server, currently)
  • add a new record to the database, describing the site
  • list all records in the Provisionator database table

It's got a lot of room for improvement, and more than likely needs some tightening down for security and Doing It The Right Way, but it works. It also currently assumes MySQL, and a very specific shared hosting pattern where Drupal isn't in wwwroot itself, but is exposed by adding multiple symlinks within the wwwroot directory.

I'm having difficulty creating the actual Project on - I get an Access Denied error. So, until that's resolved, it's available via CVS at least. Once the Project is created, there will be an issue tracker, etc...

Oh, and don't laugh too hard at the code. I know most/all of it could be done cleaner/better/faster, but I'm cobbling it together as I learn. Also, I'll be working on better documentation so others can use the module or contribute code.

PS. Man, does CVS suck! I've been using SVN for source code management for over a year. Feels like being dropped back in MS-DOS or something now that I'm using CVS again. Ick. Hopefully, will migrate to SVN sometime soon?

Update: The permissions issue on my account has been cleared up, so Provisionator.module is now on the air!

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