Sketch Fighter 4000

TUAW linked to a new game by Ambrosia Software. I've had a soft spot for Ambrosia since way back in the pre-MacOSX days when I was hooked on Maelstrom.

Sketch Fighter 4000 is a strange hybrid game. It's basically an old-school game, a combination of Asteroids, Space Castle, Defender, etc... But, it's rendered as if it's being sketched in ink on paper. When you shoot things, they blow up, leaving scorch marks on the paper. Or are they eraser smudge marks?

Sketch Fighter 4000 ScreenshotSketch Fighter 4000 Screenshot

In another nod to old school games, it comes complete with a level editor and sample custom levels. It has multiplayer game types, either sharing a single computer or over the LAN (I haven't tried multiplayer yet). As an added bonus, the game plays great on my Powerbook. I've bought my license already. It's totally addictive. Damn you, Ambrosia Software!

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