Portable Camera Storage on the cheap?

I'm planning a vacation in the spring. The tickets are all in place, and we're looking forward to it. Can't say more, because it's a surprise Christmas present. I'd love to leave the laptop at home, but would currently need to bring it along to dump photos off the camera every day.

Does anyone have any great (and cheap) solution to offload photos from a camera (Canon Digital Rebel xt) without a laptop? I've got a 5G iPod (30 Gig), and have looked at the Apple and Belkin media readers - both of which apparently suck the soul out of the battery before finishing the job.

I've seen some pretty sweet portable hard drive systems (Epson P-3000, Smartdisk Photobank, XS Drive Super, etc...), but I'm not going to spend $800 for a handy camera offloader, no matter how cool it is.

Lazyweb, help me! What's the best bang-for-the-buck solution? DIY is OK, too. Oh, and Epson? If you want to send me a P-3000 to review, I'd be more than happy to test it out...

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