SCoPE Seminar: Blogging to enhance learning experiences

Sylvia mentioned this in an email discussion putting some ideas together for the Northern Voice Social Software for Learning Environments session we're wrangling, and I promptly forgot to check it out. Oops.

Anyway, she's coordinating an online seminar through SCoPE titled "Blogging to enhance learning experiences" - it's a moodle community with a fair amount of activity (and many familiar faces). It runs from February 12-25, so it's already under way.

Definitely worth checking out. I'll be mostly lurking, but will try to participate in the buildup to Northern Voice (our session is on the 24th)

To contribute to the discussion on SCoPE, you have to register in that instance of Moodle. After doing that, be sure to tweak your account's email subscription settings (to Digest mode) to prevent getting reams of email duplicating every forum post... 

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