Updating a Large Scale Drupal Multisite Installation?

In the Teaching & Learning Centre, we run a couple of servers, each with a dozen or so Drupal sites installed in a multisite configuration (one copy of Drupal, using the sites directory to respond to various URLs). With every update to core or modules, the update.php file needs to be called for each site. That's not too onerous, but is a bit of a PITA.

Our central IT shop at the University of Calgary has a whole 'nother problem. Their Drupal server is currently running well over 400 sites. So, calling update.php on each one effectively means having a bunch of folks (students? interns?) clicking through the update.php screens for each site. Say it takes maybe 5 minutes per site, that's over 30 hours of labour to update all sites. And new sites are added every day.

There has to be a better way. I was hoping Sympal Scripts had some magic fu, but came up empty. Are there any secret tricks to calling update.php on each site quasi-automatically for a large-scale Drupal multisite installation?

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