no analytics

For the first time since I can remember, I'm not running any analytics packages on either of my blogs. I'd been running either SiteMeter, or Google Analytics, or Stats, or Piwik, since (almost?) day 1. I'd sworn off third party analytics apps recently, because I don't think it's a good idea for me to be feeding companies with detailed information about everyone that comes through my sites. And I realized today that I don't need analytics at all any more.

Which is odd, considering how completely addicted I used to be to watching the "live visitors" views. I now only have access to Analog-processed apache logs, which are so crude that there can't be any stats-lurking on my part.

The final kicker for me was the continued performance problems on my shared webserver. The database kept getting wedged, and the server was sluggish. So, I decided to punt the self-hosted Piwik analytics app as a final effort to lighten the load. Now, all visitors get served static (un-analytic-laced) files, and things should be nice and snappy. And maybe I'll spend fewer brain cycles pondering the ups-and-downs of website traffic trends. That stuff just doesn't matter.

I've deleted Piwik, nuked the database that it was building, and rebuilt the static file caches so they only contain clean files. Where possible, I've nuked the third-party stats records as well (but Stats doesn't let me do that, even though I also sent an email to their support team asking nicely...).

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