2015 week 15 in review


  • we met to start planning the LEED education program to support the new Taylor Institute Building. Some interesting ideas, and we're hoping to not do "LEED education" as a separate thing, but as a layer of context in the various resources to tell people about the Institute.
  • I was invited to participate in a Dragon's Den style panel, as part of Dr. Reid's ASHA 421 course - what a fantastic experience. 3rd- and 4th-year Science and Arts students collaborating in strong interdisciplinary teams to come up with prototypes for inventions. Although I (almost) have the hairline for it, my Kevin O'Leary impression didn't work out. Thankfully.
  • [redacted]
  • we met with the Associate Deans to brainstorm how we can best implement some of the items in our Strategic Framework for Learning Technologies. Again, lots of great ideas, and lots of plans shaping up quickly as a result. This is going to be a fun year!
  • gave a tour to a colleague visiting from the UofA. I take some things for granted, so it was eye opening to hear about how things are done elsewhere. With our team working so well together, and with the plans we're making for the next few years, I can't imagine working anywhere else.
  • Eight Canada Research Chairs announced - including Sheelagh Carpendale, who is doing some interesting work in collaborative visualization.
  • we picked up a campus license for the Magna Commons set of online resources. It's deployed in our "D2L Self-directed Training" course (which needs a better name) so all instructors have access to it now. Next, to make sure all instructors know it's there (along with the other resources gathered for them in that D2L course site)..



  • Kind of digging the Surface laptop thing now. I never thought I'd actually say that out loud. If this thing ran a better operating system, it'd be almost perfect.
  • Spring finally hit Calgary. Holy blue skies. We made it.
  • my stupid thumbs are recovering after stupid me wasn't paying attention and wiped out on the ski hill last weekend. explaining the thumb brace never gets old.

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