Papacharissi. (2010). Privacy as a luxury commodity

Papacharissi, Z. (2010). Privacy as a luxury commodity. First Monday, 8(2), 1–4.


p.2: The balance between privacy and sociality takes on new meaning as Internet–based platforms, like social network sites, afford sociality for privacy, at the expense of personal autonomy. All Web–accessible platforms, offer services, mostly social, in exchange for personal information. This simple step, taken by many, transforms our personal information into currency, and our privacy into a commodity. — Highlighted Jan 30, 2016

p.3: But what renders privacy a luxury commodity is that obtaining it implies a level of computer literacy that is inaccessible to most, and typically associated with higher income and education levels, and certain ethnic groups, in ways that mirror dominant socio–demographic inequalities — Highlighted Jan 30, 2016

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