CAREO - Campus Alberta Repository of Educational Objects


This was the first fully-functioning prototype of a standards-based learning object repository, and served as a testbed for the evaluation of repositories, metadata standards, and institutional collections of learning resources. Some project info is available on at careo.org1

I built the application in java, using Apple WebObjects. This allowed rapid prototyping and development through the MVC separation which was kind of revolutionary at the time.

From the CAREO project website:1

Campus Alberta’s vision is to enable Albertans to take courses from any college or university in the province, either on-site, on-line from their homes, or on the job. CAREO’s contribution will be to provide educators with the digital teaching content to make this flexible learning a reality. We will accomplish this not only by providing a location to share and find resources, but also by fostering an online community of educators whose digital materials, expertise, and experience will be exchanged. Although the collected teaching materials will be available to all, those who register as members in this community can contribute their own materials, review existing resources, and contact other members with similar interests.

CAREO has developed through four closely-related principles:

  1. The reuse of modularized educational resources or learning objects.
  2. The organization of these resources through standardized metadata.
  3. The provision of single-click access to these resources through a distributed repository architecture.
  4. The continued development and enhancement of these resources through quality control, peer review, reward and support practices.


CAREO 2002-03-29

Screenshot of the first experimental build of CAREO in WebObjects. I was just learning WO, so started with the static stuff first. It’s come a LOOONG way.

Screenshot of the first experimental build of CAREO in WebObjects. I was just learning WebObjects, so started with the static stuff first.

presenting CAREO and learning objects in 2003

Presenting CAREO and Learning Objects in March 2003

  1. it’s super interesting to me that I was never listed on the CAREO project website, despite being the only programmer to have worked on it, and having done a significant amount of the design work for the project. The recently-updated website has a Contact page that lists 3 others, but no mention anywhere about the person that designed, built, and supported its use. Super interesting. ↩︎