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Academic Staff

— Provides learning leadership to campus community; advises on institutional learning policy; responsible for overall direction of Teaching & Learning Centre.

Dr. Randy Garrison

(Dr. Randy Garrison CV)

CSSHE 2004 Research Award
Research into Online Communities of Inquiry


Key Responsibilities:

  • Leading and providing strategic direction for the Learning Commons
  • Promoting professional development programs and technical services

Dr. Anthony Marini

Teaching & Learning Centre Associate/Assistant Professor 403-220-4494

Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinator of the University Teaching Certificate program
  • Consultation relating to teaching effectiveness issues for University Faculty

Dr. Norm Vaughan

Personal Web Site

Key Responsibilities:

  • Consultation relating to course redesign and blended learning issues
  • Support for the Inquiry Through Blended Learning program
  • Support for the Faculty Teaching Certificate and the University Teaching Certificate development programs

Rosalie Pedersen

Instructor 403-220-7694

Key Responsibilities:

  • Delivery of the Faculty Teaching Certificate and the University Teaching Certificate development programs
  • Specialized workshops, video analysis of micro teaching and individual consultation

Julie Weible

Instructor 403-220-2164

Key Responsibilities:

  • Delivery of the Faculty Teaching Certificate and the University Teaching Certificate development programs
  • Specialized workshops, video analysis of micro teaching and individual consultation

Educational Services

— Provides instructional design services; supports Blackboard users on design and implementation issues; manages/coordinates web and media project creation.

Dave Hawes

Manager - Strategic Technology & Curriculum Development


Key Responsibilities:

  • Manages web and media project development and related instructional design
  • Coordinates Teaching & Learning Centre involvement with Blackboard (faculty training, documentation)
  • Chair of Blackboard Course Administrators group
  • Provides consultation on general teaching/educational technology matters; course/program development and design issues

Gord Southam

Production Coordinator


Key Responsibilities:

  • Project resourcing; physical and soft project planning
  • Budgeting projects across the Teaching & Learning Centre

Patrick Kelly

Learning Technology Consultant


Key Responsibilities:

  • Faculty Blackboard consultant
  • Instructional design
  • Programming/developement

Julian Wood



Key Responsibilities:

  • Java / perl / php / sql /xml / xsl / html /javascript / lingo programmer
  • Analysis of client requirements, software engineering and design, multimedia development

Patti Dyjur

Instructional Designer


Key Responsibilities:

  • Blended learning and related design projects

Michelle McGrath

Graphic Artist


Key Responsibilities:

  • Web and cd rom development and design
  • Desktop publishing and animation

Project Development

— Provides leadership on learning object design, development and deployment; develops related specialized software; coordinates multi-partner projects.

D’Arcy Norman

Software Developer


Key Responsibilities:

  • Development of learning object repository software projects, including CAREO and APOLLO
  • Consultation on learning object creation, implementation, and distribution

King Huang

Programmer Analyst


Key Responsibilities:

  • CAREO and related projects (i.e. eduSource, flexible e-content)
  • Video editing, photography, lab support

E–Learning Services

— Provides technical support, troubleshooting and coordination for E–Learning; manages/coordinates videoconferencing and audioconferencing facilities; coordinates and supports professional training workshops

Joanne Carruthers

E-Learning Coordinator


Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and promote services for courses and events using e-learning technologies
  • Schedule e-learning resources and communicate course arrangements

Dave Wood

E-Learning Technical Support and Bookings


Key Responsibilities:

  • Video and audio conferencing booking contact and technical support
  • Teaching & Learning Centre audio and visual room support

Video Production

— Provides complete service for development, design, creation and delivery of video in a variety of styles and formats

Fred Fountain

Producer / Director / Writer


Key Responsibilities:

  • Working with subject matter experts providing guidance and technical support
  • Completion of educational, promotional, training and instructional videos and multimediated products

Lawrie Edison

Cameraman / Senior Editor


Key Responsibilities:

  • Acquisition of all video shots for projects and production editing
  • Teaching camera and edit seminars; technical consultant for video on campus


—Provides in-house support on issues of finance, information technology/network integrity, and office coordination.

Alvina Mountenay

Business Financial Advisor


Key Responsibilities:

  • Internal financial matters (including budget, project billing, revenue, expense and payroll approval, internal financial reporting)

Kirk Arnett

Information Technology Supervisor


Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage, support and maintain internal computing resources, infrastructure and related technologies
  • Provide leadership and direction to IT related operations

Mary-Jane Leeder

Teaching and Learning Administrative Assistant


Key Responsibilities:

  • Administrative support and calendar scheduling for Associate Director
  • Administration, planning and implementation of Faculty Development seminars and workshops (including the University Teaching Certificate and Teaching Assistant Certification programs)

Lynne Soyland

Administrative Assistant (Director) & Office Coordinator


Key Responsibilities:

  • Administrative support and calendar scheduling for the Director
  • Human Resources; facility coordination; security

Jennifer Harper

Financial Assistant


Key Responsibilities:

  • Accounts receivable / payable
  • Booking face to face meeting rooms; assist with meeting arrangements

Kevin Saito

Technical Support Analyst


Key Responsibilities:

  • Technical Support

Lorin McConnell

Communication Assistant
BI 539 - Marketing activities


Key Responsibilities:

  • Technical Support