Elluminate Live!

content imageElluminate Live! is web–based audioconferencing software that allows for real-time virtual lectures, discussions and meetings. This technology enables instructors to hold online lectures with students, communicate with distance learners in virtual space, and collaborate with other faculty and researchers around the world via online meetings.

The software is easy to use, flexible and accessible. Instructors can easily create a session within a Blackboard course or using the Live! Manager tool. Meetings can be enhanced with PowerPoint slides, whiteboard mark–up capability and shared applications.

Software features include:

  • Use of PowerPoint slides and whiteboard tools for visual components
  • Online breakout rooms for small group discussions
  • Text messaging functions
  • Survey and assessment tools
  • Easy incorporation of shared applications
  • Sessions can be recorded for future review and playback

Why use Elluminate Live!?

  • Offer full courses synchronously
  • Reach distance learners and working adults through online courses
  • Hold live presentations with guest presenters and researchers
  • Set up student group project meetings and discussions using shared applications
  • Review difficult concepts in small online group tutorials or lab sessions
  • Organize web–based one–on–one instructor or peer–based tutoring
  • Reuse previous Elluminate recordings within a course or across courses
  • Review exam material online
  • Cyber mentoring
  • Hold virtual office hours
  • Collaborate in real time on research with partners around the globe

For more information on how to install and configure Elluminate Live! and for orientation information and additional tools, visit http://elearn.ucalgary.ca/elluminate. To set up a training session, contact Joanne Carruthers, E–Learning Coordinator in the Teaching & Learning Centre at carruthe@ucalgary.ca or 220–7364.