Teaching & Learning Centre Helps Promote ISEEE

By Allison Fitch-Markham

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content imageWhen the Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy (ISEEE) needed a professional yet creative promotional presentation, they turned to the Teaching & Learning Centre. ISEEE was looking for a web presentation to communicate the institute’s purpose and image to attendees at the 2004 Global Petroleum Show and Canadian International Conference. Using their extensive experience in graphic design and Flash development, the Teaching & Learning Centre staff worked with ISEEE to create an artistic and innovative Flash presentation featuring a series of images and words. Much like a PowerPoint presentation but with higher quality graphics and images, the Flash presentation portrays the message(s) that ISEEE stand for. The images show everything from oil wells and solar panels to forest scenes and laboratory settings. The names and faces behind ISEEE are embedded in the presentation, along with key words such as “innovate,” “renew” and “collaborate” to briefly convey the organization’s purpose and focus.

The goal of the project was to promote the institute and the University of Calgary as a hotbed for research and activity in the area of energy, environment and the economy. It is important for the university to effectively brand the institute in order to maintain its research and academic strengths in these areas and build a name for ISEEE as a top collaborator, researcher, educator and strategic centre in the field. Established in 2003, the institute’s objectives are to coordinate energy and environmental projects at the university, collaborate with researchers both inside and outside of the institution, and lead in the field of research, education and advancement in sustainable development initiatives.

The Teaching & Learning Centre has been integrating media and technology into the learning process for six years and provides professional quality products to faculty and researchers at the University of Calgary and beyond. For more information on media, Flash production, web or software development at the Teaching & Learning Centre, see http://commons.ucalgary.ca/mediadevelopment/index.html

View the Presentation | Read the Testimonial

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