Accolades for First Year of FTC Program

By Allison Fitch-Markham

content imageFaculty across the U of C campus are raving about the Teaching & Learning Centre’ Faculty Teaching Certificate (FTC) program. Twelve instructors from a cross–section of university faculties and departments attended the 120–hour, 10-–day program in October to develop better teaching skills to benefit students in the classroom.

The program’s goals are to provide instructors with the tools to build on their existing teaching approaches and improve their confidence. The FTC course helps instructors introduce active learning, critical thinking and inquiry–based learning concepts into their classrooms. Specific program topics include class planning, introducing technology into the classroom, and evaluation and assessment of student learning. Participants also deliver “mini classes,” receive feedback from FTC instructors during classroom visits, and engage in valuable discussion with peers.

Based on feedback, all participants found the FTC program highly useful. The majority of instructors felt that the program had a high impact on their teaching and increased their confidence. Most instructors planned to immediately change their teaching ideas as a result of the course and many have recommended the program to colleagues.

Here are just a few of the comments from program participants:

  • “Planning is more important to me now and I now understand how to try and ensure that my students are learning the material.”
  • Having participants from a variety of campus faculties was “probably the most significant and unique learning aspect of the course”
  • “It will broaden your vision about teaching”
  • “I now will better prepare my lessons and have a greater appreciation for the complexities involved in teaching a class.”
  • “I have been more creative in presentation and having the students work with the material in class.”
  • “It was a fabulous experience to meet people from different faculties and learn how the differences between the faculties affect the teaching.”
  • “A practical but intellectually engaging learning experience”
  • I am more “explicit about goals and what is expected both with respect to assessment and lectures.”
  • “Everyone brought extensive experience/ideas and it was powerful to have us share it around rather than just be led by a few in a traditional way.”
  • “I actually feel confirmed in my style of teaching and that I now have more tools with which to improve on what I’m already doing.”
  • “This class may be the highlight of my year.”

The U of C has increased its efforts to improve the quality of teaching and learning on campus. In line with these goals, the Students’ Union generously allotted funding for the FTC pilot project from their one million dollar university grant received in 2004. The program will continue to be funded over the next two years. For more information about upcoming program dates, please contact Mary–Jane Leeder at 220–4949 or for more information.

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