Teaching & Learning Centre Takes Researching to New Depths

content imageThe Teaching & Learning Centre has been collaborating with university librarians on a new online tool designed to help undergraduate students develop better research skills. The site, Web–Based Information Search Process for Research (WISPR) in the Library, was designed for the university library project “Building Skills for Inquiry.” The tool helps students develop their overall understanding of the research process, which lays the foundation for students to become more inquiry–driven, knowledge–seeking learners.

The site is educative, interactive and responsive. Students log on to the site and the modules guide them through their research project, providing them with suggestions as they work along. At the end of each phase of the tutorial, the program asks a series of reflective questions designed to get students thinking about the research experience. A virtual “log book” stores responses in a summary format so that students and instructors can retrieve it at a later date and review their feedback. The tool is designed for individual or group–based research and learning and can be used to develop both general research skills and course–specific research abilities.

“Building Skills for Inquiry” is just one of the many projects supported by funding from the university’s Inquiry and Blended Learning (IBL) Course Development and Enhancement Pilot Project. The Teaching & Learning Centre is proud to lend its expertise to this initiative and is an active partner with several IBL award recipients, working to develop effective tools, strategies and solutions for IBL projects.

To view the WISPR site, visit http://library.ucalgary.ca/wispr. For more information on website development at the Teaching & Learning Centre, contact Gord Southam at southam@ucalgary.ca or 220–7847.

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